If you’re feeling lost, or you have no idea what the best next step is for you and your loved ones, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we can help. At Health with Heart, we’re in the business of strategizing and re-energizing. We want you to understand that even when the responsibilities feel like they’re piling up, you still have a choice to make a positive change.

When it comes to difficult situations like health crises, caregiving decisions, grieving processes and more, you can count on Health with Heart’s consulting services to help you navigate the world of healthcare. As a caregiver or family member of an aging person, you may be confused with medical jargon or even frustrated with trying to find the right services to meet your needs. Health with Heart was designed with you in mind.


Our consultations work in a couple of different ways. In many cases, we simply sit down with you and listen carefully to the needs that you and your family are concerned with. We’ll then provide helpful suggestions and referrals based on only the highest quality care, never a paid arrangement or referral. For a more comprehensive consultation, we complete a fall risk and safety assessment of the home before making a recommendation or referral. We go in with a practical eye and find potential hazards that others might not see, in order to alleviate fear of falling or fear of being alone. In each and every case, we make listening to you a priority so we provide only solutions that truly fit your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your loved one.

“Linda Marshall was available by phone all through my father’s long slide into dementia. She gave encouraging words and hard-headed advice, which always managed to keep me going and to set me straight. She was strong, sympathetic, knowledgeable and clear, and she helped make the end of my father’s life a blessing rather than a curse. I could not have done it without her.”

– Richard Brookhiser, American Journalist, Biographer, Historian, Senior Editor at National Review