Working with Health with Heart is easy for fellow healthcare professionals. We know that the time you spend with your patients and clients is valuable, but also limited. It’s likely that you only have enough time to provide information on medical issues, nothing more.


We can help. At Health with Heart, our goal is to work with you and other professionals through a team approach to support our clients. To best serve the individuals who come to us, we work closely with physicians, hospitals, caregivers, families, hospice, retirement centers, nursing homes, home care facilities, attorneys and more.

We can help your patients and clients by assessing their situations and getting them the resources they need to deal with their unique medical situations. And when the caregivers or loved ones of your patients are faced with significant responsibility, we can help them learn how to manage those duties in a healthy and effective way.

If you’re interested in helping your patients and clients access vital information that can make their lives easier, get in touch with us today.

“Linda… you and everyone else are doing a wonderful job. I can’t imagine anyone in any facility having better care than what is given by your people. And you can quote me.”